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Welcome to Aspie Dude. I am a 33-year-old married cisgender, Autistic male from Texas. I have three children, 2 neurotypical and 1 autistic. All of my life I have known I was different from normal people. I didn’t share any of the same interests. I struggled to understand things like religion, social groups, social hierarchies, pop culture, fashion, and more. When I was a child, I would spin wheels on hot wheels for hours. I felt isolated and alone like no one understood what I was trying to say. Not even my parents understood what I was saying.

There were countless times I went to my parents to talk to them. I would leave crying to go back to my room as a teenager because they didn’t understand what I was saying. It’s like we were speaking two different languages. It caused a lot of depression and anxiety. I also struggled to understand romantic relationships. I had girlfriends, but I really struggled with relationship dynamics.

I was forced to attend college immediately after high school. I struggled with being alone, setting my own schedule, and staying on top of my classes. I pieced it together my freshman year but by sophomore year I was in a downward spiral. Since my parents wouldn’t let me leave college, I got married and joined the army. I got married quickly because in the movies and on TV shows that’s what people do before they join the armed forces, so I thought I was supposed to in order to join.

I didn’t fare well in the army, and my quick marriage caused lots of problems which ended in a divorce almost 2 years later. I definitely was not the kindest person to my ex-wife, because I treated her like I was taught a Christian man leading the household was supposed to. I am now very apologetic for that. I became entangled in the legal system and was misunderstood, which caused more legal trouble.

The point of me telling you this story is that until I was diagnosed as autistic as an adult, I had no idea that I had lived life wrong. I knew that everything turned out poorly, but if I had known growing up that I was autistic, I wouldn’t have believed everything on TV was like real life. I wouldn’t have made the same terrible decisions I made in the past.

I’m hoping to use my story and my experiences to help you navigate a world that wasn’t built for Autistic people. I am going to go into my stories later in other posts and videos, but I hope that if you are a parent of a child with Autism or you are an Autistic adult, my experiences can help you make better choices, have better relationships, and prevent you from making many of the same mistakes I have.

We have a membership where you can join an anonymous forum to get help with sensitive problems. Not everyone is comfortable posting publicly on Facebook groups. This is an area that is non-judgmental and where you can privately seek help. We also offer 1-on-1 chat support with me, for any questions or advice you may have when dealing with your autistic child or you’re struggling as an Autistic adult. If you want quick advice dealing with a meltdown or prefer text messaging, we offer private text message support to our Gold tier members. You can find more information on our memberships here: https://aspiedude.com/members.

My autistic daughter, neurotypical daughter, and wife have created a monthly box that is full of sensory items for you or your child. It’s called Pickle Booty. It’s called Pickle Booty, because that is the name our autistic daughter came up with. You can find more information about that box here: https://aspiedude.com/pickle-booty-sensory-box.

We also have a shop where you can buy sensory items or merch. You can find that here: https://aspiedude.com/shop

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